Abortion Statistics are Changing

Kent Shaffer —  May 19, 2009

For the first time since 1995, more Americans are pro-life (51%) than pro-choice (42%) on the issue of abortion according to Gallup. This coincides with the trending decrease in U.S. abortions since 1990.

While most Christians are pro-choice and view abortion as morally wrong, there are differing views on how to further reduce the popularity of abortion.

Stereotypically, Christians believe the solution is legislating abortion and making it illegal. This solution is particularly popular among those who take the theological stance that the shedding of innocent blood curses a nation.

Donald Miller counters this perspective with:

A sort of Republican Evangelical Conservative mindset has been to make it illegal, and it’s never worked. I don’t see it working anytime soon. It’s a great bit of idealism. But it is a pipedream, and I think we need to face that now twenty years in.

We need to face that, and we need to be able to work together to come up with other solutions. And so many people will disagree with that. They will say, “No, we have to win a moral victory,” and actually, the moral victory will cost many, many lives. And they will say, “It’s worth it to be right,” and I would say, “No, I think we need to deal with the issue holistically.”

Eugene Cho shares a similar perspective (part 1, part 2):

Like most Christians I know, I am against abortion.  However, I just do not believe we can legislate it.

Rather than legislating it, I wonder how abortions can be reduced by speaking and appealing to the Heart and Soul of a person and to make all necessary provisions if a person decides to have that baby.  In short, can we maintain choice but do all that we can to preserve and ensure the life of an unborn?  This is where most of us fall short.

I find it incredibly frustrating and naive when Christians take a stance of being against abortion at all costs but are unwilling to yield to issues that have direct correlation to abortions: sex education in schools [starting in middle school], health care benefits for low income families and women, post birth care and benefits, usage of contraceptives, etc.

Legislation understandably is an ideal solution, but it has been a sloppy and weak one. Unfortunately, politics has become a stumbling block that drives Christians further away from the people they need to reach. Christians have been labeled as judgmental, insensitive, and too involved in politics.

Ultimately, only a life-changing relationship with Christ can effectively change a person and a culture for the better. If you want to reduce abortions, create a better ministry.

Kent Shaffer

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19 responses to Abortion Statistics are Changing

  1. “…Christians have been labeled as judgmental, insensitive, and too involved in politics.

    Ultimately, only a life-changing relationship with Christ can effectively change a person and a culture for the better. If you want to reduce abortions, create a better ministry.”

    You’re right on this. But there is a justice element I think you’ve missed. If Christians are right, abortion is a form of murder, and should be appropriately punished. It’s not merely a case of minimising abortions, it’s a matter of justice.

  2. @Paul

    I agree. I do think there are spiritual consequences for injustice.

    Ideally, there needs to be justice without offense, although I think that may be impossible.

  3. That last statement, “If you want to reduce abortions, create a better ministry.” is dead on, but we can’t leave it at hoping that coming to faith in Christ will lead people to a pro-life decision. The Bible is clear in saying that the church should help the poor, yet we seem to look the other way when people bring their misfortune upon themselves (through sin). There’s a Planned Parenthood within 2 hours of nearly everyone in the United States; instead of sending money to politicians hoping they put it towards anti-abortion legislation, why don’t churches use that money to help women considering abortions pay for hospital bills and adoption assistance?

    And sorry if I sound as if I’m including all churches in my rant; I know that there are many churches that already have ministries in place or support similar ministries. But there are many more who don’t and instead spend any money they raise on pro-life rallies, political ads, etc.

  4. I work full time for a non-denominational Christian church, and nothing gets me so angry and upset as this topic. I just have to say THANK YOU! Thank you for this post. It was so encouraging to read this morning, because I completely agree. Too much money is poured into these protests and rallies and ridiculous pro-life “movements”, but then those same people will judge that young woman who has chosen to give her child life and chastise her for her decision. If you want to lower the number of abortions, we need to empower these women and help them. We need to show these women that you can have a child and still achieve all of your dreams that you have for yourself.

    I was a victim of date rape at age 21 and became a young mother at 22. My daughter is now 1 year old and I’m getting married to my college sweetheart next summer. I am very fortunate to attend (and work for) a church that has not only supported me throughout my journey, but they also helped me find the tools so that I could be the mother I need and want to be. They get it. They understand… it’s not enough to stand outside the clinics with signs that say “God loves you” because when you’re scared and alone and terrified of what the future holds for you and your unborn child, it’s sometimes very hard to believe that He does. And the last thing they need to hear is someone yelling at them, because they have already been yelled at by everyone they love. But if you SHOW that young woman God’s love, and assure her that she can and will be a great mom, and guide her toward the resources that are out there, I think you’d be amazed at how much she will open up and let God move her heart.

  5. I think these discussions get sidetracked in an either/or debate. We either change hearts OR work for legislation. I think we should aim at both. The law IS a restraint on evil when it is enforced.

    The way we talk betrays the fact that we have bought into the lie about the debate. We say things like this:

    “Like most Christians I know, I am against abortion. However, I just do not believe we can legislate it.”

    But listen to how this sounds:

    “Like most Christians I know, I am against [murder]. However, I just do not believe we can legislate it.”


    “Stereotypically, Christians believe the solution is legislating abortion and making it illegal.”

    But would we say,

    “Stereotypically, Christians believe the solution is legislating [murder] and making it illegal.”

    What if Miller said this…

    “A sort of Republican Evangelical Conservative mindset has been to make [murder] illegal, and it’s never worked. I don’t see it working anytime soon. It’s a great bit of idealism. But it is a pipedream, and I think we need to face that now twenty years in.”

    Folks, stop trying to be liked: “Christians have been labeled as judgmental, insensitive, and too involved in politics.” This has always been the case. Jesus was crucified for, among other things, going against the world!!!

    Let’s aim for changing hearts AND legislation that would restrain this great evil.

    And, oh yeah, we’ve adopted two orphans, so we ARE in the game on all fronts.

  6. Abortion is such hot button issue and we Christians typically hurt our own cause of ProLife with our reactions. Is is wrong to take the life of an unborn child? Absolutely! Should we stand against it? Without a doubt. However, the in your face condemnation has be highly ineffective at reaching the goal. Christians must rethink their approach not thier message if we truly desire to have a cultural impact.
    Looking Up,

  7. Abortions seem absurd when you have some many pregnancy prevention measures available.
    In this context I feel abortions should be banned unless allowed by a court or some other special administrative procedure.
    Please note the stand I am advocating is not on moral grounds. For some reason this has not been discussed as a reason.

  8. armchairpunter June 7, 2009 at 10:48 am

    We are not called to popularity. We are called to lay down our lives to follow Christ, which includes pursuing justice for the oppressed. If some seek to do this in a less than Christlike fashion, they should be admonished to change their approach, not abandon their aim.

    Exodus 23:2 (New International Version)

    2 “Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong. When you give testimony in a lawsuit, do not pervert justice by siding with the crowd…

    Isaiah 1:17 (New King James Version)

    17 Learn to do good;
    Seek justice,
    Rebuke the oppressor;[a]
    Defend the fatherless,
    Plead for the widow.

    Matthew 23:23 (New King James Version)

    23 “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faith. These you ought to have done, without leaving the others undone.”

    Christ has no patience with those who dabble in the subtleties of obedience while neglecting critical matters of justice. They do not know Him. We do no favors to those we seek to attract to the faith when we dress up God’s law and desire for His justice as something other than what it is. We paint our salvation cheap when we paint our sin small.

  9. Are we really “loosing the war”? Did I misread, or did the lead in say something about, “For the first time since 1995, a majority of U.S. citizens are pro-life.” In other words, there is an increase in people who agree that babies should be allowed to be born. Picketing abortion clincs and pushing legislation has gotten publicity for the idea that killing a helpless, innocent un-born human is morally wrong. Where were the gays 30 years ago? Same-sex “marriage” was un-thinkable, let alone being voted on. If the Supreme court were to be forced to rule if fetus are human or not (and they are, according to the logic that gives legal protection to owl eggs), abortion would be just as illegal as any other murder: Although you might want to brush up on Hospice laws in some states which limit autopsies and allow extrordinary amounts of pain meds(even doses that will result in death in the medium to long term).
    Anyway, the point is that legal and physical confrontation has and will advance the cause of preventing abortions.

  10. listen i understand and realize that the prolife movement is portrayed in the media as “antiabortion” while the term “prochoice” is used towards the supporters of abortion. there is bias, and that bias is affecting the younger christians who seem to favor pacifism in all points politically. Isreal was denounced by the Lord for having her watchmen being mute dogs, unwilling to raise their voice in opposition to the decay around them. they were led away as captives for allowing children to be burned (aborted) to molech in their midst.
    are we exempt, does God not expect us to oppose injustice in any way. read ezekiel talk about a crazy way to communicate sinfulness to people. i think donald miller should do more research, and be a little less opinionated. the church is not a social experiment, her calling is clear. ekklesia counter culture, oppose injustice and speak forth and live justice.
    the prodeath supporters will legislate anything and everything they can, this should be opposed and equal access including abortion counseling should be allowed. legislation is the way the society operates, it is legislation that gives us the right to assemble as christians in the first place. we should use all means to speak up for the voiceless (unborn).

  11. Go here,

    Look at these photos.. tell me this is not murder…
    Some doctor in America.. quite possibly is doing this very same thing to a baby, at this very moment.

    Tell me this is not murder. Please!?

    Just a thought.

  12. Certainly we should increase our ministries….but why is it one or the other? Why cant we insist on not giving the highly profitable Planned Parenthood over $300 million per year in tax dollars??

  13. Abortion is killing a baby
    Is that had to understand
    whatever your views are
    you can’t say this is not true

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