A Prayer for the Global Church

My time at the Global:Church Forum (read the notes) two weeks ago was one of the best ministry events I’ve experienced. The worship was rich. The theology was deep. Good friendships were formed. And the ecumenical unity was beautiful.

It is not easy to pragmatically explore how the global Church can better work together like a body’s cells and parts do in unison. However, the forum’s conversations were fruitful steps in the right direction. But I also realize we must protect this momentum. We must keep our hearts vulnerable to each other. And we must guard against lapsing back into our old habits and ways of doing things. We cannot do this in our own strength. We need God. And we need to stay steadfast in prayer.

This is the prayer I pray for us all:

Lord, help us for we cannot do this without you. You are a good God who graciously and generously invites us to take part in Your plan. May your kingdom come here on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us what we need, not what we think we need. May we be responsible with what you give us. When we have more than enough, may we generously share it with others as you have generously given to us.

Purge from us the comforts that we have made idols. Free us from any clutter of possessions, mindsets, sins, and systems that weigh us down and slow us from running the race well.

May we become more like Christ. May we pray like a poor man. Teach us to have a heart like David, obedience like Noah, and courage like Rahab.

Humble us – for mankind is too weak and proud to discover meekness without Your help. Remove far from us jealousy and selfish ambition – for it is divisive. Teach us to be patient with each other, kind, and selfless servants. Break us where we need to be broken and heal us where we hurt. You are the Potter, and we yearn to be your clay.

May we not forget the stories of Your greatness in our own lives or the legends of Your goodness from the far corners of the earth. They produce hope that illuminate the dark times and sweeten the bitter.

Give us ears to hear. May we first hear your Word because it is the fuel of our faith. And without faith, it is impossible to please You. May we hear the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit and be bold enough to obey it. We repent for talking when we should be listening. And we repent for remaining silent, when we should be a voice of truth and justice.

Grant us wisdom to know how to work with each other as co-equals and as a healthy and whole body. May the Body of Christ be as graceful as our own bodies are – made in Your image as a miraculous symphony with millions of complexities. And grant us grace for each other when we fall short. May the Holy Spirit fill the voids where we lack. May You get all the glory.

Above all else, may we reflect God’s love to everyone. For without it, our work is futile.

May all we do bring glory to Your mighty name.

And it is in the precious, life saving name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

In the weeks to come, I urge you to be thinking about how your role within the Body of Christ can work interdependently with the other equally important parts – locally and internationally.