7 Poor Communication Skills to Avoid

Kent Shaffer —  July 16, 2012

Poor communication skills are one of the quickest ways to burn bridges and make people think you don’t care about them. Ministry is more about how you interact with people throughout the week than it is about what you say in the pulpit. So be careful how you communicate.

7 Poor Communication Skills to Avoid

  1. Contacting others only when you need something.
  2. Not following up or closing the loop.
  3. Not returning telephone calls or email messages.
  4. Foregoing basic courtesy.
  5. Not listening.
  6. Telling lies.
  7. Spewing chronic negativity.

This week, purpose to improve your communication skills and how you treat people. Even if you are already a pro, there is always room for improvement.

via Todd Rhoades

This post was originally published in 2008. We’ve updated it for 2012.

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