2010 Super Bowl Party Rules

Is your church planning a 2010 Super Bowl party?

If so, be sure that your church super bowl party is legal. In recent years, the NFL has become very protective of its copyright over all things super bowl. Fortunately, The Church Law Group has put together 3 rules for church super bowl parties (video).

3 Rules for 2010 Church Super Bowl Parties

  1. The game must be shown on equipment that the church regularly uses over the course of ministry. So if the church already owns a big screen and sound equipment, then the game can be shown using this equipment.
  2. Church can not charge admission for the party. The NFL has stated, however, that church may take up a donation to defray the cost of the event if they desire.
  3. To avoid any copyright infringements, churches may want to call their event a “Big Game Party” rather than a “Super Bowl Party.”

Enjoy the Super Bowl Big Game!