2 Weeks Since Kenya

It has been 2 weeks since I traveled to Kenya with Compassion International. I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking… processing what I saw and what it means for me, my family, and even you. The trip encouraged me to create more financial margin in my life so that I can better help Compassion and other causes that are important to me.

If you feel any similar inclination, I deeply encourage you to act on it.


Eliud Otieno

What I’ve thought most about over the past two weeks was my chance to meet Eliud. He is an 18-year-old total orphan, who has been without parents for 3 years. He lives in one of the world’s largest slums – Mathare.

For 11 years, Eliud has been sponsored through Compassion International, which provides him with spiritual, educational, physical, and social assistance. This includes purchasing him a 8′ x 8′ cardboard, wood, and tin shack to live in after his parents died (this is standard Mathare living).

I was humbled and honored to be invited into Eliud’s home. I was inspired to hear his story. He wants to be a doctor or a graphic artist. He wants to see his slums transformed. Despite his circumstances, he is wise and happy and has hope.

Becoming a Compassion sponsor makes a big difference. Listen to Eliud explain what his sponsor (Nick) means to him.

Eliud Otieno

Before we left, I prayed for him and his future. I prayed that God would bless his hands as a doctor or a graphic artist. I prayed for his dream to change his slums.

To Eliud, that’s a daily prayer… one he has written above his doorway.

Eliud Otieno

Eliud Otieno

Please consider becoming a Compassion International sponsor.