10Q with Craig Groeschel of LifeChurch.tv

Kent Shaffer —  August 30, 2007

10Q with Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel is the senior pastor of LifeChurch.tv, a multi-site church from Edmond, OK with 12 campuses located in Arizona (1), Florida (1), New York (1), Oklahoma (6), Tennessee (1), Texas (1), and online (an Internet campus). Craig is also the author of Chazown, Confessions of a Pastor, and Going All the Way.


Year Began: 1996
Locations: 12
Services: 49 each weekend
Attendance: 21,000
Staff: 230 :: 1/91 attendees
Volunteers: 4500 :: 1/5 attendees
Primary Audiences/Lifestyles Reached: Non-believers, Young families, College students, 18-35 age range

In recent years, they have received publicity for projects like MySecret.tv, a Second Life Campus, their 3 Month Tithing ChallengeSatanHatesLife.com, YouVersion, and their Facebook Church application. LifeChurch.tv also makes their creative materials available to other churches to be downloaded and used for free through LifeChurch.tv Open.


1Q = What values and beliefs unify LifeChurch.tv’s staff and drive their performance?

Our core values include: evangelism, stewardship, generosity, passion, excellence, sacrifice, integrity, and community.

2Q = What is LifeChurch.tv’s chain of command from the senior pastor to the church volunteers?

As senior pastor, my role is to cast the vision, then equip and empower our team to fulfill the vision. Five staff members serve as Directional Leaders. These leaders work directly with two Regional Campus Pastors and eight executive leaders for the Central organization. The Campus Pastors and campus staff directly train the volunteers.

3Q = For big decisions, what is LifeChurch.tv’s decision making process?

We flip a coin… just kidding.

The Directional Team hashes out all the details. We occasionally seek outside input. After plenty of prayer and discussion, together we make a decision. 

4Q = How does LifeChurch.tv market itself?

In the past, we have used direct mail, television and radio ads, websites, and billboards. However, the biggest return for us is always word-of-mouth.

5Q = What is the most effective thing LifeChurch.tv has done to reach people?

Reaching lost people has been the best way to reach more lost people. When people who are already “churched” come to church, they generally know other Christians. When someone who doesn’t know Christ comes to church and meets Christ, they are passionate about introducing their friends to Him, as well.

6Q = What is your leadership style?

That’s a good question.

Perhaps the biggest thing that I do is delegate. (I would say that’s what most leaders must do.) However, the difference is that many leaders delegate responsibilities, where I try to delegate authority. When someone delegates responsibilities, they attract followers. When someone delegates authority, they attract (and build) great leaders.

7Q = Who has influenced you the most as a leader?

Bill Hybels

8Q = What resources have had the biggest impact on how you do ministry?

Good to Great, Blue Ocean Strategy, Purple Cow, Just As I Am, and reading about Luther, Moody, Spurgeon, Wesley, and Whitefield.

9Q = What is the greatest ministry lesson you have learned?

Always invite people to follow Christ!

10Q = What is the best advice you have for church leaders?

It’s not about you! It’s not about marketing. It’s not about buildings. It’s not about sermon series. It’s not about the music, the lights, or the environment. 


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